Victor Penchev

Desktop Publishing (DTP) expert
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What is DTP

DTP stands for Desktop Publishing. It is conditioned by nowadays globalization. It empowers producers to venture in new markets and increase their revenue.

DTP is more than typing and word processing. It is an essential part of any document translation. Yet a DTP specialist is not a translator or a linguist but a professional who prepares their work for publication.

With 50+ European lanaguages and 30+ Asian languages a DTP expert will follow the specific rules for each language (e.g. specific quotes type, measuring units, typography etc). It is a way to localize the product’s description and improve its readability.

Some cases require image/graphics editing. Therefore, Illustrator and Photoshop skills are a must. The Final image must look like a copy of original.


Multiple applications are used in the localization process. DTP works may involve

  • recreating an image so that the translated content looks like the original
  • preparing images for printing
  • changing printing layout/document format to match local standart.
  • changing document fonts to support translated language specific characters.

    Therefore, I've specialized in:

    • Adobe® InDesign CC
    • Adobe® Framemaker
    • Adobe® Photoshop
    • Adobe® Illustrator
    • Microsoft® Word
    • Microsoft® Powerpoint

    I also have deep knowledge::

    • Wordpress

    Basic knowledge in::

    I use these for the following:

    • To typeset manuals and books
    • To Ensure consistency between multi language documents and
    • Consistency between same level paragraphs inside a document
    • For image localization
    • For document interactivity
    • To autogenerate content
    • For localization of presentations
    • For localization of websites


    • Organized
    • Committed
    • Loyal
    • Efficient
    • Accountable
    • Helpful

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